Tuesday 6 August 2013

Uncorrected Proof Egalley

I've just had to leave feedback at NetGalley saying I'm unable to read and review a book. The reason being that although it's obviously an uncorrected proof egalley the words/sentences all the way through the book were mostly like this:

The reasonbeingthatalthoughit'sobviouslyanuncorrectedproofegalleythe words/sentencesallthewaythroughthebookweremostlylike

I've never had a review copy this bad before so not sure how common it is but I found it impossible to read and concentrate on, shame as the book sounded interesting.


  1. I just read a book from them also. The book itself it wonderful, 5 stars. The reading went like this tHeMe:of THE BOOK. It drove me nuts. I still loved the content of the book.

    1. Sounds like you did well to read it all, I tried with mine but found it too difficult


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