Friday 30 August 2013

Them Or Us (Hater #3) by David Moody

Them Or Us (Hater, #3)

The war that has torn the human race apart is nearing its end. With the country in the grip of a nuclear winter, both Hater and Unchanged struggle to survive. Hinchcliffe, leader of an army of Haters, will stop at nothing to be at the top of the new world order.


Them or Us picks up the story a short while on from where Dog Blood finished. Following the nuclear bomb Danny McCoyne is now in Lowestoft and as he can control his hate he's being used by Hinchcliffe to infiltrate the Unchanged before handing them over to be killed.
The Unchanged are becoming harder to find and are almost extinct. The Haters, unable to control their killer instinct, start turning on each other. Danny is getting fed up of the fighting, starting to reflect and wonder what the point of all this is and misses his life from before.
This is a more depressing, reflective story than the previous two, I didn't find it as gripping as either of those and the writing style has certainly changed as the series has progressed. I still enjoyed it though and it's worth reading to find out how everything concludes.
Parts of this novel are set in the Suffolk coastal town of Southwold (35 miles from where I live) and I read some of it on the beach there. Thankfully it was a lovely sunny day with no sign of McCoyne's apocalyptic world in sight.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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