Friday 2 August 2013

The Orphan Choir by Sophie Hannah

The Orphan Choir

The story is told by Louise Beeston, she's the mother of Joseph, a 7 year old boarding pupil at Saviours College and a member of the choir. She isn't happy that he's only allowed home for the holidays and the next door neighbour (Justin) adds to her misery by playing his music too loud and takes no notice of her requests to turn it down, so she complains to the council. Then Louise starts hearing choral music which Justin insists is nothing to do with him. She convinces her husband Stuart to buy a 2nd gated community country home so she can escape the noise and also the work they're having carried out on their Victorian house.

This is one of the novels from Hammer books horror series, I enjoyed The Quickening by Julie Myerson and have read some of Sophie Hannah's other novels so was looking forward to reading The Orphan Choir. Unfortunately I was left disappointed. Most of the book seems to be consist of Louise complaining about either her noisy neighbour or absent son. There's no build up of tension, it's not creepy in the slightest and the story doesn't seem to be going anywhere.  Nothing of interest happened until towards the end and when it did I wasn't scared.  In fact I disliked Louise and Stuart so much I didn't really care what happened to them.
Having said all this I never felt like giving up on it and wanted to keep reading to find out how it would end.

Rating: 2 out of 5 

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