Thursday 11 June 2015

First One Missing by Tammy Cohen

First One MissingFirst One Missing is a dark psychological thriller that starts with the murder of young girl Poppy Glover. She's the fourth victim of the Kenwood Killer, named  by the press due to the fact all four of the girls bodies were found on Hampstead Heath near Kenwood House.

Leanne Miller is the liaison officer sent to let Emma Reid, the mother of another victim Tilly, know the latest developments. The parents of the girls have started a group and regularly meet up to help support each other through their grief.

The novel not only looks into the police hunt for the killer but also the emotional impact that such a horrific event has on a family and how they struggle to cope with everyday life afterwards.

At no point did I guess correctly what was going to happen. This is a gripping psychological thriller with an ending that will make you gasp out loud.

Thank you to Transworld & Netgalley for a copy.

Publication date: 2nd July


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