Friday 12 June 2015

Book Beginnings on Fridays - Mockingbird Songs by R.J. Ellory

Book Beginnings on Fridays is hosted by Rose City Reader and as she says the idea of this meme is for you to share the first sentence (or so) of the book you are reading, along with your initial thoughts about the sentence, impressions of the book, or anything else the opener inspires. Please remember to include the title of the book and the author's name. There's a linky list on the website and you can use #BookBeginnings on Twitter.


This week my book beginning is Mockingbird Songs by R.J. Ellory. He's one of my favourite authors and this is his latest novel. I started it last night so have only read the first chapter but can already tell I'm going to enjoy it.



"A clear conscience is nothing more than a bad memory."

For what it was worth, this was the last flawed pearl of wisdom offered by Evan Riggs on the day that Henry Quinn was released from Reeves County Farm Prison.  


Mockingbird Songs 


Book Description:


 Prison changes a man. Sometimes in ways you can see. Usually in ways you can't. The only reason Henry Quinn survived three years inside was because of Evan Riggs, a one-time country singer, one-time killer, now serving a life sentence. No parole. On the day he gets out, Henry promises Evan he will find his daughter, the daughter he never met, and deliver a letter. A free man, Henry heads to the small Texan town where Evan grew up and where his brother Carson now resides as sheriff. There's no sign of the girl and her uncle claims to know nothing of her whereabouts. But Henry isn't about to give up. He made a promise and, no matter what, he's going to find Evan's daughter. As Carson's behaviour towards him becomes ever more threatening, Henry realises that there are dark secrets buried at the heart of this quiet town. What terrible thing drove the brothers apart and what happened to the missing girl?  


  1. HA. That first line made me laugh. Nice one.

    My book beginning lives here if you're interested:

  2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing. :)

    Check out my 56 (With Book Beginnings).

  3. This sounds interesting. It sounds like it may be a little darker than I usually read but the premise is so intriguing I want to find out what happened. I like the beginning as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. The story sounds intriguing....I love stories with characters searching for something or someone. Here's mine: “EIGHT HUNDRED GRAPES”

  5. Stories with family secrets fascinate me, so I'm sure I'd enjoy this one -- especially since it's set in Texas.
    My Friday post features Widow’s Tears.

  6. I'm going to be chewing on that first line for the rest of the day, a great mental exercise for a Friday!


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