Friday 28 February 2014

This Dark Road To Mercy by Wiley Cash

This Dark Road to Mercy

Twelve year old Easter and her younger sister, six year old Ruby, are put into foster care after the sudden death of their mother in Gastonia, North Carolina. They haven't seen their father Wade in a long time when he reappears and wants to spend time with his girls, unfortunately because he signed away his parental rights years ago the only way this is possible is take them away in the middle of the night.


The girls legal guardian Brady Weller goes searching for them and he isn't the only one. Wade has stolen a large amount of money that is linked to an armoured car heist and someone not only wants to get it back but is looking for revenge. 


The story is told from various characters points of view, all of them are believable but I especially like Easter's. She's suspicious of Wade and wary of trusting him again as she can remember more from her childhood than Ruby. I did feel sorry for him at times despite his bad boy status and found the relationship between him and his daughters touching. This isn't only a suspense story but also one about family and relationships, particularly between fathers and daughters, Brady is also trying to rebuild one with his teenage daughter who now lives with her mother and step father. 


I loved this book as much as Wiley's first, A Land More Kind Than Home, he is now added to the list of authors whose novels I eagerly await.


Rating: 4 out of 5

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