Monday 17 June 2013

The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan

I was given a copy of this by Netgalley to review.

This is a wonderful novel and I absolutely loved it. It's set in a small town in Ireland at the start of the recession, a local builder has gone out of business and this story tells us how it affects the community.
Each of the 21 chapters are from the perspective of a different person and their stories are all linked to Bobby Mahon in some way. I was very impressed by how much we learned about every one of these believable characters and the town, which considering the book is quite short is no mean feat. We didn't only find out about what was happening to them now but also their pasts, some of which were heartbreaking.
This is a book that will stay with me and I will read again. It is so beautifully written that it's difficult to believe that The Spinning Heart is Donal Ryan's debut novel, I eagerly await his second.

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