Tuesday 18 June 2013

The Second Life of Amy Archer by R.S. Pateman

Thanks to Orion Books for a review copy of this novel, it is due for release on 18th July 2013: 

The Second Life Of Amy Archer starts ten years on from Amy's unsolved disappearance. Her Mum Beth hasn't been able to move on at all and has no closure as her daughters body has never been found. She regularly sees pyschics to try and find out the truth of what happened and is now divorced from Amy's Dad Brian, he's remarried with two step daughters.

Beth answers her front door to find Libby and her daughter Esme, she is the double of Amy and they both say that she's her reincarnation. Esme knows things that only Amy would remember, could it be what they claim is true?

I found the story of Beth meeting and trying to find out the truth about Libby and Esme gripping, reading the first 200 pages in one day. However, although the last third of this novel was good I didn't find it as interesting which was a shame. Also I found the ending a little confusuing and not completely clear (but then perhaps that's just me).

Overall though The Second Life of Amy Archer is a good pyschological thriller and another novel by a new author whose books I shall look out for in the future.

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