Friday, 4 October 2013

Book Blogger Hop (4th - 10th October)


The Book Blogger Hop is hosted at Ramblings Of A Coffee Addicted Writer and this week's question is:


  Halloween Edition: What book gave you goosebumps?



Although I like horror novels it takes a lot to scare me nowadays. However when I was a teenager anything by Stephen King or James Herbert terrified me and gave me goosebumps and a lot of King's books still do, particularly Pet Sematary.



  1. I've heard Pet Cemetery was good I just haven't gotten to read it yet.

  2. I am not into scary books (until now) Stephen King is the King of scare. I read Misery decades ago and until now I never read another scary book.

  3. I have only tried once to read a Steven King novel but could not do it. His books tend to scare the **ll out of me.

  4. I get scared just hearing these titles!! Stephen King is too scary for me.

    I am sure he is happy others love his books. :) :)

    Happy Hopping!!
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  5. I agree with Stephen King being to go to author for horror. My pick was Misery. You can read my full answer here

  6. LOVE Stephen King, and all his books give me goosebumps, so I went with the first book of his I read.

  7. Oh, Stephen King.
    He's a great author.

  8. I wish I could handle being scared more! Stephen King's writing is fantastic....but after reading Misery I don't think I can handle anything else by him hahaha


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