Tuesday 29 October 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - Best Books To Read For Halloween

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish and each week there's a different topic. As always, even if you can't think of 10, do as many as you can. This weeks topic is either scariest looking book covers or best books to read for Halloween and my answers are for the latter:

Some of these I have read and others are either on my TBR or wishlist:

The Shining The Woman In Black (Vintage Classic) The Haunting of Hill House Heart-Shaped Box
The Shining by Stephen King
I could have chosen all ten books by him but I've decided to stick to one by each author. This well known book about Danny and his parents in the Overlook hotel is perfect for this time of year.
The Woman In Black by Susan Hill 
A gothic ghost story, I found this more eerie than scary.

The Haunting Of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Three people are invited to stay in a haunted house by Dr Montague. I didn't find this as scary as I thought I would, it's a classic though and still worth reading.

Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill 
Judas Coyne has a collection of macabre items so when told of a ghost for sale he has to buy it. What arrives is a heart shaped box, it contains a dead man's suit and also his spirit which is out for revenge.  

The House Next Door  The Ghost Hunters Dark Matter Last Days

The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons
A new home is built next door to the Kennedy's and their peaceful happy life is soon upset by strange accidents and happenings. Inhabitants of the house are driven to madness and worse, could it be haunted?

The Ghost Hunters by Neil Spring
I always found the story of Borley Rectory terrifying when I was younger so I'm looking forward to reading this. It's a fictional account of ghost hunter Harry Price, his assistant Sarah Grey and what happens when they're invited to Borley to investigate.

Dark Matter by Michelle Paver
It's 1937 and Jack is offered the chance to be a wireless operator on an Arctic expedition, but something is out there on the ice and it's becoming more physical as the days get darker.

Last Days by Adam Nevill
Filmmaker Kyle Freeman is making a documentary about a notorious cult, The Temple Of Last Days, who met their bloody end in 1975. When he interviews some survivors the production is plagued by a series of unexplained phenomena.

Naomi's Room  The Survivor

Naomi's Room by Jonathan Aycliffe
Not the nicest subject matter but I've heard it's good. On Christmas Eve, four year old Naomi Hillenbrand disappears from her fathers side in a busy toy shop. Her murdered body is discovered on Christmas Day in a field, but something of Naomi still remains in this world. Ghostly photographs show her playing with two other girls in Victorian clothes while a sinister man in black watches.

The Survivor by James Herbert
I read a lot of this authors books when I was a teenager. In this one Keller is the only survivor of a plane crash which has killed over 300, the town have buried the dead and are trying to forget. But Keller wants to know what unseen forces have allowed him to live, and why.  




  1. I have Heart Shaped Box on my shelves and really need to get to it! I also have never read any Shirley Jackson which I think is a shame on my part! If the movie is based on that, I have seen the movie then! I've heard the book is excellent though! Maybe a trip to my library is in order!

  2. I love the shining and the haunting of hill house!
    My ttt

  3. Wow not only do the covers look creepy, but some of the description does too! Great picks!

    Our List
    Andy @ Owl Always Be Reading


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