Saturday 26 October 2013

The House Next Door by Anne Rivers Siddons

The House Next Door

Colquitt and Walter Kennedy are loving life in their peaceful Atlanta home, that is until a house is built on the empty plot next door. At first Colquitt is mildly annoyed that she'll now have to either stop wandering around her house naked or put curtains up and it isn't long until she has more serious concerns. A young couple move into their newly built dream home, but soon their happiness is shattered by strange occurrences and a terrible tragedy befalls them. The house is bought by another married couple and when things start happening to them Colquitt starts to think this is more than just a coincidence; could the house really be haunted?


The story is told through Colquitt's eyes and she tells us what happens to the three families who live in the house next door to her as well as some of the neighbours in the street.  I saw it mentioned on a list of underrated horror books and thought it sounded like just my kind of book; it is. Stephen King has also apparently mentioned it in Danse Macabre as a must read. Some of the reviews I've seen have given this novel a low mark due to the horrible things that happen; perhaps they were misled by the seemingly pleasant looking cover, or used to the authors other novels as this is her only horror book. A shame because I thoroughly enjoyed it; her easy writing style made it difficult for me to put it down as well as the tension that gradually built throughout the story. 

Rating: 4 out of 5

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