Wednesday 11 November 2015

Dead Ringers by Christopher Golden

Dead RingersTess Devlin sees hers ex husband Nick out on the street but is left unimpressed when he tries to ignore her and insists he's not who she thinks he is. Tess phones him to make her feelings known but he tells her he's away with his girlfriend. The man she saw looked and sounded exactly like the father of her child so when her friend Lili says she's heard there's a woman who could be her twin she realises something is very wrong.

Frank Lindbergh lives alone and hears an intruder in his house late one night, he's scared but nothing prepares him for what he sees, someone who is his double. 

I loved the idea of the doppelgangers and was hooked at the start. The characters are likable and believable which is something I like to have in a horror novel. However when the link from the characters past and the reason behind the strange happenings is revealed I was left a little confused and subsequently I started to lose interest. Perhaps I wasn't concentrating enough or this was a different story to the one I was expecting but for me Dead Ringers then became a good rather than great story. If you enjoy horror it's worth a read but I'm a little disappointed after the author's previous novel Snowblind.


Thanks to St. Martin's Press & Netgalley for a copy of this in return of an honest review.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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